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Thank you for choosing us for your fence project! We are pleased to provide our customers with an outstanding warranty for all our fence installations. Your fence project is in good hands with Good Shepherd Fence Company, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Agricultural Fence Company In Indiana

We design our agricultural fences to withstand the elements and protect your assets in Indianapolis Indiana.

Enhance your agricultural operations with our strong and dependable fence solutions to enhance security, protect livestock and crops, and define boundaries on your land. Experience the peace of mind that comes with our high-quality agricultural fencing, which combines functionality and dependability to protect your farming operations.

Working with the fence experts at Good Shepherd Fence Company, you can create the perfect farm fence for your farm, ranch, or residential property. Trust us to deliver reliable and long-lasting fencing solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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The Indianapolis Indiana Most PopularFarm Fence Options

Explore our various agricultural fencing options, whether for containment or aesthetics, we have the perfect solution for you!

Farm fencing welded wire options in Indianapolis Indiana

Our farm fencing complements the natural landscape while providing a clear boundary for livestock and crops. For added protection, welded wire can be seamlessly attached to the rails, offering security and peace of mind. Our farm fences are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, enhancing the overall look of your farm while keeping your property safe and secure.

2-Rail Post and Board Farm Fence Contractor in Indianapolis Indiana

2-Rail Farm Fences

The 2-rail farm fence, made of two wood rails attached to each post, offers a simple yet effective boundary for your property. It serves well for decorative purposes and for ensuring the safety of small animals when wire mesh is added.

Indianapolis Indiana 3-Rail Post and Board Agricultural Fence Company

3-Rail Farm Fences

3-rail farm fences are perhaps the most frequent type of agricultural fencing, favored for their ability to hold more animals while maintaining a mid-range height of roughly 4-5 feet, making them a staple choice for rural properties.

4-Rail Wood Farm Fence Installation Contractor in Indianapolis Indiana

4-Rail Farm Fences

Choose your farm fencing based on both aesthetics and height requirements. You can incorporate wire mesh into 4-rail farm fencing, the tallest among rail wood fences, to enhance the security of your crops or smaller livestock.

Our Most PopularAgricultural Fences

2 Rail Farm Fence - Indianapolis Indiana

Agricultural FenceWood 2 Rail

A 2-rail wooden fence presents a simple and aesthetically pleasing choice for bordering Indianapolis Indiana's agricultural properties.

Wire Mesh 2 Rail Farm Fence - Indianapolis Indiana

Agricultural FenceWire Mesh 2 Rail

2-rail wire mesh fences are practical, versatile, and ideal for property borders, combining simplicity with functionality.

Vinyl 2 Rail Farm Fence - Indianapolis Indiana

Agricultural FenceVinyl 2 Rail

Indianapolis Indiana's farms benefit from 2-rail vinyl fencing's low-maintenance, durable, and visually appealing property boundaries.

3 Rail Farm Fence - Indianapolis Indiana

Agricultural FenceWood 3 Rail

Wood 3-rail fencing has added height and strength, making it ideal for larger animals and establishing property boundaries.

Wire Mesh 3 Rail Farm Fence - Indianapolis Indiana

Agricultural FenceWire Mesh 3 Rail

A 3-rail farm fence with wire mesh is ideal for keeping undesirable threats away from your crops and smaller animals.

Vinyl 3 Rail Farm Fence - Indianapolis Indiana

Agricultural FenceVinyl 3 Rail

\Vinyl 3-rail fencing offers durability and aesthetic appeal, making it perfect for farms seeking a modern and low-maintenance solution.

4 Rail Farm Fence - Indianapolis Indiana

Agricultural FenceWood 4 Rail

A 4-rail wood fence, sometimes known as a "Kentucky Four Board," is among our most popular agricultural fence solutions.

Wire Mesh 4 Rail Farm Fence - Indianapolis Indiana

Agricultural FenceWire Mesh 4 Rail

A 4-rail wood farm fence will take your Indianapolis Indiana property to the next level in terms of both appearance and functionality.

Vinyl 4 Rail Farm Fence - Indianapolis Indiana

Agricultural FenceVinyl 4 Rail

A classic vinyl 4-rail agricultural fence will add elegance to any pasture or agricultural property in Indianapolis Indiana.

Post and Board - Indianapolis Indiana

Agricultural FencePost and Board

Post and board fencing provides a timeless look for Indianapolis Indiana farms and ranches, combining durable design with classic appeal.

Split Rail Farm Fence - Indianapolis Indiana

Agricultural FenceSplit Rail

A wood Split Rail fence adds a rustic, rugged charm to Indianapolis Indiana farms and defines your property lines.

Crossbuck Farm Fence - Indianapolis Indiana

Agricultural FenceCrossbuck

Crossbuck fencing combines rustic charm with a strong design, perfect for containing horses and other livestock on your property.

Examples of Our Agricultural Fences

Indianapolis Indiana Vinyl Farm Fence
Agricultural Fence in Indianapolis Indiana
Horse Fence in Indianapolis Indiana
Indiana Wood Horse Fence
Indianapolis Indiana Wood Farm Fence
Vinyl Agricultural Fence in Indianapolis Indiana
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Warranty Information

Here at Good Shepherd Fence Company, we offer our customers a Limited Lifetime Workmanship Warranty for your peace of mind, knowing that your fence project is in good hands.

Many of our fence products have Limited Lifetime Warranties, which may cover items such as rusts, cracks, abnormal weathering, and much more.


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